Captive Insurance and
Risk Retention Group Services

Financial Risk Analysts is a leading actuarial firm in the captive industry. We have provided services for more than 100 captive clients in both domestic and off-shore domiciles. We have a strong reputation and solid relationships with industry regulators. In fact, we are engaged by numerous leading domestic domiciles to provide actuarial services regarding captive applications and/or captive/RRG financial examinations. The following services are regularly provided by Financial Risk Analysts. Please call any of our professionals to discuss further.

  • •  Feasibility Studies
  • •  Program Formation Analysis
  • •  Pricing Reviews
  • •  Loss Forecasts
  • •  Reserve Reviews and Statements of Actuarial Opinion
  • •  Pro-forma Financial Statements
  • •  Capital and Surplus Requirements
  • •  Retention Analysis


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